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Bhutan, The Last Shangrila


2-3 Months Before Departure : Please complete all your medical check-up and begin and immunization which require two inoculations. Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents up to date

Before your Departure Please Check : Passport is valid for at least another 6 months with appropriate visas. Please photocopy the picture page of your passport showing number and other information and keep it in a separate place in your baggage so that incase you loose your passport during tip then this will help you expedite in getting new passport enormously. Money (Travelers Cheques recommended and keep receipts separately) Carry extra passport size photos (5-7).

Flights : You can Fly Paro Bhutan and back twice a week from Delhi & Kathmandu. thrice times a week from Bangkok and Calcutta by Druk Air. Royal Bhutan Airlines. Your baggage allowance is 44lbs.(20Kg) plus your hand carry bag. Druk Air bookings are all done at Thimpu. Druk Air fare as of 31st June 1999.


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During the spring and fall, daytime temperatures will be between 50F-70F.Night time temperatures will be between 35-40F.At 8000' (Paro, Thimpu and Bumthang) temperatures vary greatly. It will be quite chilly in the mornings - you will want to have a sweater and light jacket available. By 10:00AM to noon, It will be warm enough to be comfortable in a light long sleeve or short sleeve shirt.

Time and Electricity : Bhutan is 14 hours ahead of US Pacific Standard Time and 6 hours ahead of G.M.T. Current is 220 Volts A/c50 hertz. Wall plugs are normally round, two prongeed European type. It is important to bring adapter plugs.

Photography : Film is quite expensive (when available) in Bhutan, so bring too much rater too little. You are permitted to bring in as many rolls of film as you wish duty free.

Tipping : You may often like to reward good service with a small tip for the guide and drivers. One of the best things to give are items of clothing that you may want to leave in Bhutan since it is at the end of your trip. Therefore sweaters, down vests, jackets, etc that you no longer need and don't mind parting with are the best gifts as these allow the local guide to use them in the better completion of their jobs (often they wear T-Shirts or shirts under their National dress - the GHO)

Insurance : The purchase of medical baggage and trip cancellation insurance is strong recommended in your home country before the commencement of your journey. Besides reimbursement of non-refundable air tickets. it should also cover the cost to rescue operations by helicopters in the event of and evacuation However, all local charges must be paid by the client before leaving Bhutan.

Food & Water Precautions
Water which has not been boiled (eg tap water in hotels). Boiled water is provide in hotel rooms and you can take extra precaution of adding Iodines. Uncooked Vegetables, Street Food.

Safe to Eat & Drink
Beer, Bottled Soft Drinks (Coke, Fanta and Limca etc.), Bottled Water
Hot Tea or coffee ,Cheese, Fruits, Cooked Vegetables.

Money Matters
You may exchange currency at Paro Airport, hotels and banks, Either notes or traveler's cheques are accepted but we recommend you that you take the majority of your funds in the form of traveler's cheuqes for saftey's sake. US Dollars can be used for purchase occasionally of course, if cash is lost, you have no recourse for refund as with traveler''s chequest. Credit cards are seldom accepted. Please make sure you carry your travelers cheques of major varieties like (American Express, Master Card and Visa) One important thing to keep in mind is that money exchange is not an easily accomplished task in Bhutan. Therefore if you have the chance to exchange do it!. You may not have change to do later. Once you leave Thimpu, It is almost impossible.

On Departure your entitled to change back into foreign currency remaining Bhutanese currency but remember that you must show your stamped exchange certificates to do this.

The exchange rate varies weekly and is roughly 41.55 Bhutanese Ngultrums to 1 US dollar. The units of Bhutanese currency are Ngultrums and Chetrums, with 100 Chetrums equaling 1 Ngultrum. The Ngultrum is tried to the value fothe Indian rupee and although there has been a converted efforted on the government behalf it discourage the use of Indian rupees. They are still acceptable currency in most areas of Bhutan,

Credit Card. At this time only American Express cards are accepted at very limited number of hotels and stores which cater to foreigners.

There are wonderful thing to buy in Bhutan-hand woven textiles, some jewelry (gold, silver, coral and turquoise) .Thangkas, and woodcarving o name just a few.

There will me many opportunities to purchase items throughout Bhutan. The hotels have gift shops which actually have a good selections of handicrafts and jewelry. There are several shops in Thimpu and also offer a variety of goods from everyday ready made textiles to some older pieces. Finally you may have the opportunity to purchase textiles from weavers in their homes (for example in Bumthang valley) Look around compare quality and prices before make in purchases. There are few places where bargaining is not appropriate but for the most part in the shops it is the way of life..


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