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Thanks for the Supports

We are more than happy to thank Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for their support by providing us with the information about Nepal.

We are also grateful to My Web Travel Channel, Malaysia for their enthusiastic help rendered to promote our website and are proud to loud great efforts promoting Nepal through their website.

Special Thanks for the Supports
Nepal Tourism Board :
Nepal Tourism Board is a National Organization newly established by an Act of Parliament in the form of partnership between His Majesty's Government and the Private sector tourism industry of Nepal. The NTB will now be responsible for all the marketing activities aimed at promoting Nepal as a premier destination. Although the initial phase of the functioning of the Board will be focused in marketing and promotion, the ultimate aim of the NTB is to take over regulatory and product development activities as well. The functioning of the NTB has the commitment and support of the Government as well as the dynamism of the private sector.

The Board is an autonomous institution consisting of 11 Board Members (the Secretary at the MOTCA as Chairman and 4 ex-officio members from Government Ministries and 6 from among the private sector representatives including the Chief Executive Officer). The Board has been created to provide a vision drawn leadership, continuity of promotional efforts, good management and guidance to Nepal's tourism industry.

The Board is working towards repositioning the image of the country so as to market and promote Nepal aggressively and extensively both domestically and internationally. This is very crucial as Nepal, though small in size has immense cultural and natural diversity and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Nepal, where guests are treated as Gods; the variety of exciting adventures including trekking, mountaineering, rafting and jungle safari combined with a culture that epitomizes peace and harmony, arts and crafts, songs and dances make a visit to Nepal a memorable experience. We are sure that repeat visits will be a must because of the varied choice of activities available here.

We feel proud and honored to welcome you to Nepal.

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