* Trekking Notice *

Things Needed for Trek :-

Hat, Gloves, Warm Jacket, Pants , Sleeping bag, Rain gear, Sun screen, Good trekking Shoes / Boots & Snow Gater, Water Bottle + Water Purifier, Medical Kit.


Acclimatization :-

Open your eyes
Enjoy the view
Walk slowly
Catch in your breath
Drink a lot of water
If you have Nausea, headache do not go higher keep your eye on your friends + Guide & Porters. If they get sick help them, Do not leave behind them.


Things To Know About Trekking :-

Rubbish-don't throw it except into rubbish bin.
Tamples,  Prayer rocks, Stones with red coloring are holy place. Respect them, do not go to the toilte near this places.
Always eat at the hotel at which hotel are you are staying. Don't eat at another hotel. Smoke Cigarette, Drink alcohol only in moderation, Dress modestly - men + women should not wear very short shorts or sleeveless shirts. Do not give beggares. Ask permission to photograph people. Do not take photograph when donkey walking in the bridge.

Follow this Guide " SNOW MONKEY " and you will be safe, happy and will grow on your knowledge and appreciation of the Nepali Mountains, Culture and natural wonders of this land.



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