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The Introduction To Lhasa

The Introduction To Lhasa

Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, covers an area of 544 square kilometers and is "The Land of Gods" in Tibetan, sits on the north bank of River Lhasa, a tributary of the Yarlung Tsangbo River,

The Barkhor Street Bazaar
The Barkhor is essentially a pilgrim circuit which is followed clockwise round the periphery of the Jokhang. It is also a hive of Market activity, an astounding jamboree, and a Tibetan-style stock exchange

The altitude exceeds 4,300 meters ( 14,100 feet) for most of the journey, and one mountain pass is around 5,200 meters ( over 17,000 feet), so warm clothes are essential. A windproof and waterproof

The Drepung Monastery
Drepung lies eight kilometers ( five miles) west of Lhasa on a main road, then three kilometers ( two miles) north on a steep , unpaved road. Its name means Rice Heap, after its jumble of white buildings

The Ganden Monastery
About 25 miles to the east of Lhasa lie the remains of what was once one of the most important monasteries in Tibet. Ganden, " the Pure Land of Tushita," where Maitreya the Future Buddha resides, was founded

The Jokhang Temple
The Jokhang is the spiritual centre of Tibet, its most holy place, the destination, over time, of millions of Tibetan pilgrims. The oldest part of the Jokhang dates from the seventh century AD.

Lhasa Carpet Factory
The factory is just south of Jinzhu Dong Lu ( Tsang Gyu Shar Lam), near Tibet University. It produces traditional Tibetan rugs for export worldwide through Guangzhou. Although the actual weaving and finishing

The Norbulingka: The Summer Palace
The Norbulingka, meaning Jewel Park, lies three kilometer ( two miles) west of the Potala, near the Holiday Inn. Palaces, pavilions, a zoo, gardens and woods cover 40 hectares ( 100 acres).

The Potala Palace
This world-famous architectural wonder is built on the escarpments of Red Hill and rises high above the valley floor. The awesome Potala can be seen from all directions for miles around.

The Sera Monastery
Sera lies on the northern edge of Lhasa at the base of Tatipu Hill. Sera means Merciful Hail, denoting its rivalry with the Rice Heap (Drepung), since hail destroys rice. Sera was smaller than Drepung,

The Heavenly Lake Namtso
An overnight stay at Namtso, 195km north of Lhasa, has become a popular trip in recent years. With a surface area of 1,940 square kilometers ( 750 square miles), the sacred lake

The Graphic Arts
Lhasa's first art gallery was set up in 1987 west of the main post office, on the right side of the yard leading to the Potala entrance. Tibetan and Chinese artists display paintings and drawings, ranging from

The Yangbajing
Yangbajing is an 'electricity town' built around a thermal power plant 87 kilometers ( 54 miles) north of Lhasa, halfway to Damxung. The altitude is 4,300 meters ( 14,100 feet). Yangbajing borders on a flat

Tibetan Traditional Medicine
The hospital, which includes Mendzekhang Medical College, is on the north side of Yuthok Lu ( Mimang Lam), one block west of the Jokhang Temple. It gives some interesting insights into the ancient


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